Professional Speaking Summary

In 1991, I started my career in public speaking and teaching. Since then I have rarely turned down an opportunity to engage with professionals and students about technology-related topics. My goals are always:

  • To simultaneously stimulate, motivate, and educate people into action
  • To inspire people by weaving case studies with entertaining anecdotes
  • To demystify the intersection of technology, art, and pop culture
  • To raise consciousness about user experience design and strategy




Conferences, Lectures & Webcasts

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2017 CanUX (UX Strategy Workshop and Talk)    Ottawa, Canada

2017 Product Leaks Meetup (Talk)    IBM Watson IoT Center, Munich, Germany

2017 UX Strategy Workshop    The Pferdestall, Hamburg, Germany

2017 NEXT17 Conference    Reeperbahn, Hamburg, Germany

2017 Generate London (UX Strategy Workshop and Talk)    The Royal Institution, London, England

2017 Product Leaders Conference    Marshal Garden Hotel, Bucharest, Romania

2017 UX Strategy Workshop    Warsaw, Poland

2017 ACE Conference (UX Strategy Workshop and Talk)    The Park Inn, Krakow, Poland

2017 UX Alive (UX Strategy Workshop and Talk)    Wyndham Grand Levent, Istanbul, Turkey

2017 From Business To Buttons (Talk and UX Strategy Workshop)    Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm, Sweden

2017 ConversionXL Live (UX Strategy Workshop and Talk)    Hyatt Regency, San Antonio, USA

2017 UX Strategy Masterclass    10 Degrees, Seattle, USA

2017 World IA Day (keynote speaker)   Philosophie, Los Angeles, USA

2016 QCon Shanghai    Shanghai, China

2016 UX Beijing Meetup    Beijing, China

2016 UX Strategy Masterclass    Los Angeles, USA

2016 Digital Summit DC    Washington DC, USA

2016 UX Strat Conference    Providence, Biltmore

2016 Frontend Conference    Zurich, Switzerland

2016 1/2 Day UX Strategy & Prototype Workshop    San Francisco, USA

2016 UX Week    San Francisco, USA

2016 Seattle UX Meetup    Seattle, USA

2016 Digital Summit Portland    Portland, USA

2016 Free Evening Lecture on UX Apprenticeships    Los Angeles, USA

2016 UX Scotland    Edinburgh, Scotland

2016 Dublin UX Meetup    Dublin, Ireland

2016 IA Summit(aka Konferenz)   Berlin, Germany

2016 User Experience Lisbon    Lisbon, Portugal

2016 Embrace UX    Hamilton, Canada

2016 Tout Le Monde UX    Montreal, Canada

2016 Digital Quebec Conference    Quebec City, Canada

2016 UX in the City    Oxford, England

2016 Lean UX Meetup    London, England

2016 “Conducting Guerrilla User Research”   (Virtual)

2016 UX Strategy Masterclass    Montreal, Quebec

2016 “UX Strategy” Chicago Book Launch Party & Talk    Chicago, USA

2015 Emerce Eday Conference    Amsterdam, Holland

2015 WebCamp Zagreb 2015 (keynote speaker)    Zagreb, Croatia

2015 User Experience Budapest Meetup    Budapest, Hungary

2015 Designers & Geeks Meetup    San Francisco, California

2015 Socal UX Camp (keynote speaker)    Garden Grove, California


2015 O’Reilly Media Webcast

2013 Silicon Beach Festival   Santa Monica, California

2013 City University of London London, England

2013 Royal College of Art  London, England

2013 Cross Campus      Santa Monica, California

Lean UX Panel at the LAUX Meetup on March 5th  (open to public)

2012 Launch Pad    Santa Monica, California

General Assembly + JLR Lecture Tour on October 14th (open to public)

  • Lecture title: Lean User Experience Strategy
  • Part of General Assembly’s “Weekend Workshop: Entrepreneurial Thinking + UX Design”

2012 General Assembly      San Francisco, California

General Assembly + JLR Lecture Tour on October 3rd (open to public – sold out!)

  • Lecture title: Lean User Experience Strategy
  • Event photo

2012 General Assembly    New York, New York

General Assembly + JLR Lecture Tour on September 27th (open to public)

  • Lecture title: Lean User Experience Strategy
  • Event photo (of Jaime setting up)

2012 Coloft    Santa Monica, California

JLR Produced Lecture on August 15th (open to public – sold out!)

  • Lecture title: User Experience Strategy for Lean Startups & Interaction Designers
  • Videos: Short-format clips of Jaime presenting business cases about awesome UX Strategy by: (1) OkCupid (2) Airbnb (3) Eventbrite 

2012 University of Southern California (USC),Annenberg Innovation LabsLos Angeles, California

Guest Lecture

  • Lectured about how my practice as an Interface/Product Designer has evolved in the last 20 years into the speciality of User Experience Strategy.

2011 University of Southern California (USC), Roski School of Fine ArtsLos Angeles, California

Guest Lecture

  • Lectured about my background and how it led me to be a user experience strategist. Talked about what UX design deliverables look like and how one would approach the career path.

2009 OMMAHollywood, California

Moderated Panel: Open Social Marketing Opportunities

  • Moderated a panel where technologies such as Facebook Connect and Open Social can be used for marketing…

2009 Cognitive Design symposiumKarlsruhe, Germany

Panel: Mining User Experience Design

  • Spoke about how User Experience design documentation can be used to communiate the full experience of a product or website
  • Listen to MP3 (53 minutes)

2008 Art Center College of Design Pasadena, California

Panel: Interaction Design Symposium

  • Opportunity for lead interaction designers at LA-based interactive agencies to present their work and their thinking of contemporary interaction design education

2008 Interaction Design Association SalonLos Angeles, California

Panel: Methodology Madness

2005 DVD Entertainment conference Los Angeles, California

Panel: DVD Games (Moderator)

2001 Lake Placid Film Festival Lake Placid, New York

Panel/Topic: Internet Tech/Indy Film

2000 How Design Conference Atlanta, Georgia

Topic: Creating Original Content for the Web

2000 Digital Coast Conference Los Angeles, California

Panel/Topic: Creative Capitalization

  • Panel subhead: Getting your Online Entertainment Project off the Ground by any Means Necessary.
    Successful producers and artists explain their path to funding success.
  • Other speakers on panel: Kevin Foxe (Blair Witch), Tom Winkler (doodie.com)
  • Location: The Directors Guild of America
  • Conference organizers: Xeni Jardin and Jason Calacanis

2000 New York New Media Association (NYNMA) Meeting New York, New York

Topic: Entertainment On The Web

2000 Arkansas State University Jonesboro, Arkansas

Topic: Creating Web-based Entertainment Properties

2000 Art Center College of Design Pasadena, California

Topic: Managing an Internet Business (Electronic Hollywood) Specializing In Original Content

  • “Digital Designers @ Work” Series; lectures were open to the entire Digital Media Department

2000 Res fest film festival conference New York, New York

Topic: Creating Animated Movies With Flash

  • Other panelists included Marina Zurkow and Micahel Overbeck
  • Followed by a screening of CyberSlacker; a cartoon I directed and produced.

1999 South-by-SouthWest Interactive Festival (SXSW) Austin, Texas

Topic: Animation on The Web

  • Panel moderator: John Andrews (Klasky Csupo, Inc).
  • Other panelists: Mike Curtis (frogdesign), Lisa Goldman (construct), Ralph Mittman (Macromedia)

1999 Harvard Business School (New York Trek) New York, New York

Topic: Making Multimedia Content For The High-Tech Industry

  • Lecture was held at the Sony Headquarters Building

1999 School of Visual Arts (SVA) New York, New York

Topic: Client Services: From Project Management to Team Work

  • Lecture to an “Intro To Web Design” class

1998 Syracuse UniversitySyracuse, New York

Topic: A Career in New Media

  • Lecture to students majoring in Computer Graphics

1996 PC Expo New York, New York

Topic: Multi-user Environments

  • Demoed Malice Palace graphic chat sponsored by Samsung

1996 Slacker cyber conference Bath, UK

Topic: Electronic Publishing in NYC

1995 Macworld San Francisco, California

Topic: Keynote

  • Demoed Word.com electronic magazine
  • Other speaker: John Perry Barlow

1995 Internet world Boston, Massachusetts

Topic: Low Bandwidth Design: High-tech, Low Class

1991 Intertainment Conference Los Angeles, California

Teaching Experience

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Spring 2015 – Current University of Southern California – Viterbi School of EngineeringLos Angeles, CA

User Experience Strategy and Design Professor

  • full semester graduate level course covering strategy, user research, prototyping, and user experience design.

Spring 2009 – Spring 2014 UCLA ExtensionLos Angeles, CA

User Experience Design Professor

  • 12-week course covering strategy, research, information architecture, and interaction design.

Fall 2008Art Institute of California – HollywoodLos Angeles, CA

User Experience Design Professor

  • 12-week course covering research, information architecture, and interaction design.

2002 – 2003 DHIMA Institute of the Arts Los Angeles, CA

Multimedia Professor

  • Taught a comprehensive web development course covering interaction, information design, usability, site architecture, optimization, branding, type, and color issues.
  • Topics included: DHTML, HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Flash, and JavaScript.

1993 – 2000 New York University’s ITP Program New York, New York

Multimedia Professor

  • Taught courses called “Electronic Publishing” and “Web-based Animation” for the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University.
  • Lectured on the development process for creating low-bandwidth presentations, cartoons, and games using Macromedia Director and Flash for distribution on the Internet and in fixed-format media

Writing Books / Published articles

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2007  Interactive TV: A Shared Experience; TICSP Adjunct Proceedings of EuroITV 2007; Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Imagining the YouTube Model for Interactive Television –  Abstract: User-generated content (UGC) is a social revolution waiting to be experienced on interactive television (iTV). The actual content is not necessarily radical, but the effect of its mass distribution on video sharing sites is becoming ubiquitous. This paper proposes a retooling of YouTube’s user interface for iTV and considers the technological and business constraints preventing true convergence.

2004-2005 Medialine magazine

  • The Small World of Games on DVD-Video – May 2004
  • Is DVD Authoring Destined for the Desktop? – February 2004
  • Six weeks at the Smut Factory: Inside an Adult DVD Authoring House – October 2003