Press Coverage


10-2013 Is Google Glass Right For You? BROADCAST TV: Fox News
03-2013 Roundtable: Lean UX With Lane Halley and Jaime Levy MEDIA CONTOUR
09-2012 “Hackers & Slackers: The New York New Media Underground in theEarly 1990s NON-FICTION BOOK (paperback)
09-2012 “Totally Wired: On the Trail of the Great Dot com Swindle” NON-FICTION BOOK (hardcover)
09-2012 Jaime Levy Discusses UX at USC THE DISH DAILY
08-2012 User Experience Strategy for Lean Startups With Jaime Levy MEDIA CONTOUR
08-2012 The one and only, DIGITAL ARCHAEOLOGY
11-2011 10 Websites that Changed the World MANAGEMENT TODAY
01-2010 5 Second Cameo in Josh Harris’s “We Live in Public” FEATURE FILM
04-2006 A Museum of Mid-1990’s Interactivity DISOBEY.COM
01-2004 Silicon Alley: The Rise and Fall of a New Media District NON-FICTION BOOK (paperback)
08-2001 Gig: Americans Talk About Their Jobs (p. 364-369) NON-FICTION BOOK (paperback)
12-2000 “Can You Be a Millionaire?” – Feature Story on Jaime Levy (VIDEO) BROADCAST TV: DATELINE NBC
05-2000 Day Job: Web Content Producer THE NEW YORKER
04-2000 Cover Story: Generation 1.0 – Oldest Living Silicon Alley Veterans Tell All NEW YORK MAGAZINE
03-2000 CyberSlacker Wins Flash Animation Award FLASHFORWARD2000
01-1999 Doug Block’s “HomePage” FEATURE FILM
08-1999 The Big Apple’s Silicon Alley ANIMATION WORLD MAGAZINE
06-1999 The Content of Content ARTBYTE
03-1999 Internet: Genies im Groessenwahn DER SPIEGEL
10-1998 Watch Me SHIFT
05-1998 Is Online Hollywood Ready For Prime Time? YAHOO INTERNET LIFE
03-1998 Word Down: The End of an Era WIRED
02-1998 Star Search VILLAGE VOICE
11-1997 Upstart Start Ups VILLAGE VOICE
09-1996 Soledad O’Brien Interviews Jaime Levy About “Malice Palace” (VIDEO) CABLE TV: MSNBC’S THE SITE
08-1996 The Webmistresses: Grrrls Just Wanna Be Wired ESQUIRE
06-1996 Post Tool Design: Pipeline to Dreamland COMMUNICATION ARTS
05-1996 Meet The Netzines GRAPHIS 302
04-1996 “Powerful Twentysomethings” – Piece on Jaime Levy (VIDEO) BROADCAST TV: INSIDE EDITION
03-1996 Cybersurfer’s Sillycon Alley PAPER
01-1996 The Most Powerful Twentysomethings in America SWING
01-1996 Charles Grodin Interviews Jaime Levy, David Lauren “Slackers” (VIDEO) BROADCAST TV: GOOD MORNING AMERICA
09-1995 These Women Do Not Fear The 21st Century HARPER’S BAZAAR
08-1995 So What’s A Web Browser, Anyway? NEW YORK TIMES
08-1995 Bullets Over Broadway ESQUIRE JAPAN
06-1995 Post Focus on a Revolution: The Techies NEW YORK POST
06-1995 10 Women Who Make a Difference NEW YORK POST
04-1995 Designing an Interface for the World Wide Web MORPH’S OUTPOST
02-1995 50 for the Future NEWSWEEK
07-1994 Designer Dossier: Jaime Levy, CyberSlacker COMPUTER PLAYER
06-1994 IBM’s CyberSlacker NEW YORK MAGAZINE
04-1994 The Changing Shape of Fiction UTNE READER
03-1994 Hack Attack: Thoroughly Modern Mag LA TIMES MAGAZINE
02-1994 Pulp: Our Recommendations for Your Personal Library DIRT
10-1993 Computer Goddesses, Not Geeks MADEMOISELLE
10-1993 Electric Zine NEW MEDIA
08-1993 And Now, Boot Up the Reviews NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW
07-1993 A Star Is Virtually Reborn ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY
06-1993 Jack in the Text BAY GUARDIAN
06-1993 Multimedia: Interactivity OPTION 50
05-1993 Billy Idol Turns Cyberpunk on New CD BOSTON GLOBE
05-1993 MTV News: Billy Idol “Cyberpunk” Disk (VIDEO) CABLE TV: MTV
04-1993 MTV News: “Ambulance” Disk (VIDEO) CABLE TV: MTV
03-1993 Making Book NEW YORK PRESS
03-1993 Behind The Zines LOS ANGELES TIMES
02-1993 Multimedia: Digi-zine OPTION 48
01-1993 A Major Mac Attack LA READER
01-1993 Feature on Electronic Magazine Publisher, Jaime Levy (VIDEO) BROADCAST TV: LIFE AND TIMES
10-1992 Jaime Levy’s Pioneering Electronic Magazines MONDO 2000
07-1990 Jaime Levy: Cyber Rag HIGH PERFORMANCE
04-1990 A New Way to Read All About It WIRE
06-1988 The Disco Future Of China in 2037 SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER