Conducting Guerrilla User Research for Validating Value Propositions

For clients or teams with little time or no budgets, traditional user research such as ethnographic studies are not an option and usability testing will not tell you if your product’s value proposition is on target. Guerrilla user research is the way to go because it is affordable, fast, and empirical. Most importantly, it helps the entire team and the stakeholders come to a shared understanding on whether the product’s core features provide unique value and if the business model is feasible.

This workshop will prepare attendees on how to plan, conduct, and analyze customer feedback from a field study. It will cover essential tactics such as recruiting the right participants, presenting the prototype as a solution to a real-world problem, interviewing techniques for getting to the truth, and quickly distilling the feedback into actionable takeaways. By running user research studies as small, structured experiments, you can cut-to-the-chase by knowing how to validate/invalidate assumptions that will inform UX-centric decision-making in a collaborative and exhilarating way.

What you’ll learn

  • How to carry out an online or offline recruiting strategy for hypothesized customer segments
  • How to validate if you are targeting the correct customer segment who has a common pain point
  • How to conduct measurable problem/solution interviews with just one interviewer and one note-taker (and no recording devices)
  • How to pull off an organized, well-coordinated, and mobile team effort for making informed UX strategy decisions

Who is this workshop for?

UX/UI practitioners of any level, product teams and managers, business executives, and startup founders that want to learn how to be more strategically sound in their process. Please bring a laptop or be okay with teaming up with somebody.