Conducting Competitive Research and Analysis for Devising an Innovative Product

When building a digital product you need to learn as much as you can about the competition. That’s why conducting market research and analysis is a crucial component of business strategy. You want to know what’s out there, what’s worked, and what hasn’t. This requires firsthand knowledge of the good and bad user experiences and business models provided by your competitors. If done thoroughly, the research can provide a treasure trove of insight into current trends and outdated manifestations of mental models.

Take this 1/2 day workshop to experience a deep dive into the subject matter with both lectures and hands-on exercises. We’ll practice with a made-up value proposition of an online product so that you can learn the steps you need to take for informing strategic UX-centric decision-making.

What you’ll learn

  • Why the empirical practice of user experience strategy is crucial for devising successful online products
  • How to identify direct and indirect digital competitors of your value proposition
  • How to locate and capture quantitative and qualitative data about both UX and business-centric attributes using a customized shared Google spreadsheet for organizing your research
  • How to conduct a methodical analysis so that you can take a stance on the opportunity space
  • Why by doing thorough competitive research and analysis on the online marketplace, you can ascertain new opportunities for leveraging killer UX design and innovative business models for your product, platform, or service.

Who is this workshop for?

UX/UI practitioners of any level, product teams and managers, business executives, and startup founders that want to learn how to be more strategically sound in their process. Please bring a laptop or be okay with teaming up with somebody.