Workshops and Online Master Classes

It’s one thing to read a book, but quite another to truly understand how to practice complex product strategy techniques. Let us invigorate your company through hands-on, intensive training. All of our workshops and master classes can be geared toward specific groups such as product teams, senior leaders, and even employees in non-tech related roles at enterprises that are in the process of a digital transformation.

Product Strategy Online Master Class Series

This 6-week certified online public or private master class teaches participants of all levels and backgrounds how to conduct product strategy techniques that will help them de-risk their value proposition. It includes either live or recorded high-quality video lectures and live weekly homework feedback sessions with Jaime Levy.

Product Strategy Workshop (1-2 Days)

This comprehensive workshop which covers Jaime Levy’s best selling book UX Strategy gives participants a high-level overview of the  methodology along with hands-on experience of how to practice the techniques. Participants will leave with the confidence to immediately apply what they have learned to their own project initiatives.

Conducting Competitive Research and Analysis (1/2 day)

This business strategy-centric workshop takes participants on a deep dive into how to conduct systematic competitive research and analysis to identify if there is an opportunity space for an innovative digital value proposition.

Conducting Customer Interviews to Validate Provisional Personas (1/2 day)

This user research workshop is focused on teaching participants the entire process of how to prepare for and conduct customer interviews in order to empirically validate a provisional persona.

Conducting Online User Research for Validating Value Propositions (1/2 day)

This workshop teaches participants a cost efficient and time-sensitive approach for planning, executing an empirical field research study using a prototype to acquire measurable feedback for analysis.