Jaime Levy Retrospective
of New Media Art 1990 – 2000

“Computer technology has revolutionized the production of independent art. There are new worlds to explore; such as the possibilities of electronic publishing using personal computers not just to create words and pictures, but to disseminate them in formats that keep them alive and dynamic… as opposed to the frozen quality of ink on paper.”  – Jaime Levy 1990

Cyber Rag

The first edition of “Cyber Rag” was made in HyperCard and is a floppy disk filled with bizarre pictures, sound, animation and words. It includes two animated sequences and some nasty still images complemented by industrial sounds. Three games including a brief quiz on the computer mogul Steve Jobs. Plus two pieces of hacker poetry. (N.Y.C. 1990)

Cyber Rag 2

was also made in HyperCard and includes two animations and an interactive advertisement. Two games include a graffiti Cher’s face paintbox and a Concentration test of animated icons. It is tighter and cleaner than the first with more relevant information about current technology including a review of a Timothy Leary show. (S.F. 1990)

Cyber Rag 3

rules all three in terms of content, but only works well on a Mac with at least three megs of RAM. It is a self-contained with its own projector because it was programmed in MacroMind Director. It includes animated poems, a bitchy editorial, samples, and three trade shows including Cyberthon, CyberArts, and Virtual Reality 1990. (S.F. 1991)
Video clips: 1, 2.

Electronic Hollywood

is the new Cyber Rag covering events and experiences that happen in Los Angeles. Like Cyber Rag 3, it is programmed in MacroMind Director “Lingo” plus a color interface screen. Includes reviews about Techno House Raves, Siggraph, Intertainment 91, and a Greater Bay Area dis. (L.A. 1991)

Electronic Hollywood II

is the latest Digital Riot issue. Has the same color interface design of the first Electronic Hollywood, but more slick digitized images. It contains the usual hateful editorial, reviews of the L.A. riot, Verbum, Human Be-In S.F., and Home Media Expo in L.A. Plus samples and reviews from 2 great California bands: Ethyl Meatplow and The Disposable Heroes of Hypocrisy. (L.A. 1992)

Threat Man

is a presentation animation featuring color cycling. The cycling creates illusions of movement turning a static painting into a more dynamic visual effect. It is a basic digital representation of an acid trip. Requires a Macintosh with a 13″ color monitor and no drugs. (S.F. 1991)


is the sound-tracked horror story on a 1.4MB floppy of five L.A. post-collegiate 20-something posers. Featuring sequenced samples by Mike Watt (Minute Men) and digitized art by Jaime Hernandez (Love and Rockets comic book series). Click on the interactive animations and hypertext hotspots. Plays on all Macs. No skills required. (L.A. 1993)

Billy Idol’s CyberPunk

is my first sell-out software! Regardless of whether you like Billy Idol or not, this 1.4MB disk is a hardcore exploitation of presentation media-turn-interactive-MTV. It has the infamous Electronic Hollywood II interface design, but Billy art from his music videos and Billy sample loops from his latest release. This is the first floppy ever distributed with an album.  (L.A. 1993)

SECTIONS IN PROGRESS This is all the content planned and section breakdown. Eventually some or all of the work can be exhibited here (with VIP password-protected access)
1990 – 1992 Floppy Disk Magazines (including simulations)
1993 Ambulance, Billy Idol, Threat Man (including simulations)
1994- 1996 WORD, Malice Palace
1997 – 2000 Ehollywood copyright projects: games, Noise engine, CyberSlacker Beeper, CyberSlacker cartoons
Artworks for Sale Floppy Disk Magazine Series, Ambulance, Threat Man NFT, Jaime Levy Bio/Art CV, Malice Palace prints
Fan Letters / Packaging Top 10 1991 fan letters, Press Releases, Packaging
additional works 1980s video art, VIMEO video collection
detail pages Clicking on a project will take you to a page that includes: screen grabs, simulations, videos, press links, marketing materials

Press Coverage of Art Works

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1996 Word Up?! Digital Creativity
1996 Post Tool Design: Pipeline to Dreamland Communication Arts
1996 “Powerful Twentysomethings” Inside Edition
1995 So What’s A Web Browser, Anyway? New York Times
1994 IBM’s CyberSlacker New York Magazine
1994 Hack Attack: Thoroughly Modern Mag Los Angeles Times Magazine
1993 And Now, Boot Up the Reviews New York Times Book Review
1993 A Star Is Virtually Reborn Entertainment Weekly
1993 Jack in the Text Bay Guardian
1993 Multimedia: Interactivity Option 50
1993 Billy Idol Turns Cyberpunk on New CD Boston Globe
1993 MTV News: Billy Idol “Cyberpunk” Disk MTV
1993 MTV News: “Ambulance” Disk MTV
1993 Making Book New York Press
1993 Behind The Zines Los Angeles Times
1993 A Major Mac Attack LA Reader
1993 Feature on Electronic Magazine Publisher, Jaime Levy PBS’s Life and Times
1992 Jaime Levy’s Pioneering Electronic Magazines Mondo 2000
1990 Jaime Levy: Cyber Rag High Performance