In 1990, Jaime started her career in public speaking and teaching. Since then she rarely turns down opportunities to engage with professionals and students about innovation, strategy, and design related topics. Her primary goals are to:

  • Simultaneously stimulate, motivate, and educate people into action
  • Inspire people by weaving case studies with entertaining anecdotes
  • Demystify the intersection of technology, design, and business
  • Raise consciousness about user experience design and strategy
2018 Interaction Latin America – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

2022 Workshop/Conference Dates

April 14 Tokyo, Japan (virtual) Strategy Seminar for Popinsight Inc. (private event)
May 10 London, England (virtual) Talk on UX Strategy for the ISKO UK Meetup Group
Month Days City, Country Request for Jaime to speak at your conference/company virtually or in-person!
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Past Talks

2017 From Business to Buttons – Stockholm, Sweden

2016 UX Week – San Francisco, USA

Conferences, Lectures & Webcasts

2021 World Usability Day (keynote & UX Strategy workshop) Tallinn, Estonia
2020 24 Hours of UX (keynote) virtual worldwide
2019 Convey UX (keynote and UX Strategy workshop) Boston, USA
2019 UXcamp Europe Berlin, Germany
2019 Cisco Design Speaker Series (private) San Jose, USA
2019  Convey UX (keynote and UX Strategy workshop) Seattle, USA
2018 IXDA Interaction Latin America 2018 (keynote and UX Strategy workshop) Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
2018 Guest Lecture @ Claremont Graduate University Los Angeles, USA
2018 UX Strategy Workshop Melbourne, Australia
2018 X4B Conference (keynote and UX Strategy workshop) Prague, Czech Republic
2018 UX Lisbon (talk & Competitive Research workshop) Lisbon, Portugal
2018 LAUX Women in Tech Leadership Panel Los Angeles, USA
2018 Panel Discussion @ The New Museum on the book Broad Band (featuring Jaime Levy) New York, USA
2017 Panel Discussion on the book Broad Band (featuring Jaime Levy) Los Angeles, USA
2017 CanUX (talk/workshop) Ottawa, Canada
2017 Product Leaks Meetup (talk/workshop) IBM Watson IOT Munich, Germany
2017 NEXT17 Conference Hamburg, Germany
2017 Generate London (talk/workshop) London, England
2017 UXey Meetup Leicester, England
2017 Product Leaders Conference Bucharest, Romania
2017 Ace Conference (talk/workshop) Krakow, Poland
2017 UX Alive (talk/workshop) Istanbul, Turkey
2017 From Business To Buttons Conference (talk/workshop) Stockholm, Sweden
2017 ConversionXL Live (talk/workshop) San Antonio, USA
2017 World IA Day (keynote speaker) Los Angeles, USA
2016 Qcon Shanghai Conference Shanghai, China
2016 UX Beijing Meetup Beijing, China
2016 Digital Summit DC Conference Washington D.C., USA
2016 UX Strat Conference Providence, Biltmore
2016 Frontend Conference Zurich, Switzerland
2016 UX Week Conference San Francisco, USA
2016 Digital Summit Portland, USA
2016 UX Scotland Conference Edinburgh, Scotland
2016 Dublin UX Meetup Dublin, Ireland
2016 IA Summit (keynote speaker)) Berlin, Germany
2016 UX Lisbon Conference Lisbon, Portugal
2016 Embrace UX Conference (keynote speaker) Hamilton, Canada
2016 Tout Le Monde UX Event Montreal, Canada
2016 Digital Quebec Conference Quebec City, Canada
2016 UX In The City Conference Oxford, England
2016 Lean UX Meetup London, England
2016 UX Meetup Chicago, USA
2015 Emerce Eday Conference Amsterdam, Holland
2015 Webcamp Zagreb Conference (keynote speaker) Zagreb, Croatia
2015 UX Budapest Meetup Budapest, Hungary
2015 Designers & Geeks Meetup San Francisco, California
2015 UX Salon: Design Leadership Conference Tel Aviv, Israel
2015 SoCal UX Camp (keynote speaker) Garden Grove, California
2015 NYC Agile Experience Design Meetup New York City, USA
2015 LAUX Meetup Los Angeles, USA
2015 UserTesting.com Webcast  live webcast
2015 O’Reilly Media Webcast  live webcast
2013 Silicon Beach Festival Santa Monica, USA
2013 City University of London (guest lecture) London, England
2013 Royal College of Art (guest lecture) London, England
2012 Lean Launch Pad Santa Monica, USA
2012 Annenberg Innovation Labs, USC (guest lecture) Los Angeles, USA
2011 Roski School of Fine Arts, USC (guest lecture) Los Angeles, USA
2009 Omma Conference Hollywood, USA
2009 Cognitive Design Symposium Karlsruhe, Germany
2008 Art Center College Of Design (guest lecture) Pasadena, USA
2008 Interaction Design Association Salon Los Angeles, USA
2005 DVD Entertainment Conference Los Angeles, USA
2001 Lake Placid Film Festival Lake Placid, USA
2000 How Design Conference Atlanta, USA
2000 Digital Coast Conference Los Angeles, USA
2000 New York New Media Association New York City, USA
2000 Arkansas State University (guest lecture) Jonesboro, USA
2000 Art Center College Of Design (guest lecture) Pasadena, USA
2000 Rezfest Film Festival Conference New York City, USA
1999 South-By-Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSW) Austin, USA
1999 Harvard Business School (New York Trek) New York City, USA
1999 School Of Visual Arts  (guest lecture) New York City, USA
1998 Syracuse University (guest lecture) Syracuse, USA
1996 PC Expo Conference New York City, USA
1996 Slacker Cyber Conference Bath, England
1995 Macworld Conference (keynote speaker) San Francisco, USA
1995 Internet World Conference Boston, USA
1991 Intertainment Conference Los Angeles, USA