Product Strategy Online Master Classes

It works like this. Jaime meets with a cohort at a specific time slot for six weeks via live Zoom sessions. She will give candid feedback and personally coach participants to correctly apply strategic techniques to craft and validate their own innovative product visions. The series of assignments add up to one final portfolio or a product strategy brief.  Participants must watch approximately 1 to 1.5 hours per week of foundational lectures that explain how to conduct the product techniques in order to successfully complete their project work and understand the theory.

Both public and private (corporate training) class options

Public classes are offered twice yearly. They will be announced on this website and also promoted via Jaime’s mailing list, Twitter, and LinkedIn feeds. They always fill up quickly because they are priced affordably and limited to five-people max. They meet weekly for one hour so Jaime can give candid feedback on individual homework assignments. Students are required to watch 1-2 hour recorded lectures while also reading the course book (UX Strategy, 2nd edition).

Private classes can be customized so that the focus of the sessions are to train your team(s) using live projects. This could be for a batch of new product concepts or revamps of existing products. Class sizes typically range between five to eight employees. The program can also be extended up to 12 weeks to cover additional techniques and subject matter. Participants will meet with Jaime weekly via video conferencing and other collaboration tools to ensure that everybody understands the work they need to do and get personalized feedback to their project assignments. 

The 3-hour sessions include a 1 hour+ lecture, Q&A discussion, and assignment critiques. Additional critique time can be purchased by the hour so that everyone gets the time/feedback that they need. The client partner is responsible for making sure that the team is taking their training and assignments seriously.

Skype Online Training UX Strategy Course with Jaime Levy

Jaime Levy’s Bestselling Book UX Strategy

Get the 2nd edition of the O’Reilly Media best selling book “UX Strategy that started it all and is top-listed under “Product Strategy” and “UX” on Amazon.  “UX Strategy: Product Strategy Techniques for Devising Innovative Digital Solutions” is a hands-on guide that complements the online master class. The new edition is available for purchase on Amazon. It will be released this April, 2021. Copies are included with the total price for all participants in the private master classes. 

The first edition is still available and can also be purchased in the following language translations: Polish, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese.

The book UX Strategy in English, Polish, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese

How the virtual master class is structured
  • The first meeting of the live course will be an introduction to the master class and how it will work with respect to individual versus team projects, an overview of the homework assignments, any corresponding videos to be watched, and chapters to be read in order to keep up with the class (reading the entire book before the class starts is highly recommended).
  • After each class meets, participants will gain access to the following week’s homework assignment along with examples to reference for developing your personal or professional vision. Each assignment builds on the last one so that they all add up to a cohesive product strategy final portfolio presentation. If participants have questions between sessions, quick feedback can be provided via email. Please allow for at least 2-3 hours per week to do each of the five homework assignments. The first homework assignment will be made available upon sign-up/contract sign-off so participants can get a head start.
  • Classes start on time, and participants will have up to 10 minutes to present their work to the group and get feedback. Be certain that watching other students present and hearing the feedback Jaime gives to them is extremely valuable because it will teach participants how to apply the techniques to diverse solutions.

The curriculum for the six weeks program:

Week 1 – Principles and Benefits of UX Strategy, Understanding the Problem Space
Week 2 – Conducting Customer Interviews for Validating a Customer Persona
Week 3 – Conducting Competitive Research and Analysis for Informing the Product Strategy
Week 4 – Creating Rapid Prototypes, Designing Structured Experiments
Week 5 – Conducting Online User Research for Concept and Business Model Validation
Week 6 – Conducting a “Smoke Test” Using Landing Pages and Online Advertising

You will learn how to…
  • Define value propositions and validate target users through provisional personas and customer discovery techniques
  • Explore opportunities in the marketplace by conducting competitive research and analysis
  • Design experiments using rapid prototypes that are focused on the business model
  • Conduct online user research to gain valuable insights quickly on any budget
  • Test business ideas and validate marketing channels by running online advertising and landing page campaigns
  • Explain why an empirical practice of user experience/product strategy is crucial for devising successful online products
UX Strategy master class completion badge

A course completion badge is available to participants who successfully complete the course. This badge is a valuable credential for your professional growth and can be proudly displayed on your LinkedIn resume and professional profiles/portfolios.

Testimonials from past students

Kristine Howell: “Jaime Levy’s UX Strategy Online Master Class is worth its weight in gold! Her course has invigorated and motivated me and as I leave this class with a set of valuable tools in my tool kit to use on product strategy within my organization. I am looking forward to using these newfound techniques in my day job and am confident that I will be able to elevate the user experience function in my organization because of the lessons learned in Jaime’s course. I was able to apply her methodologies in a class project and get professional critiques on my work from the woman who wrote the book on UX Strategy! Jaime’s down to earth personality makes her approachable and someone I now consider a mentor. She goes beyond her duties as a professor in this course and genuinely wants to see every single student succeed. Jaime has been a breath of fresh air in my own UX practices and I would take this and any other course she offers in a heartbeat. Thank you Jaime, keep up the amazing work and impact you have on so many.”

Nick Comito “Before I even finished Jaime’s UX Strategy class I had given my company’s sales team slide decks pitching the techniques I was learning, such as customer discovery, and competitive analysis. By taking Jaime’s class I learned a lot more by practicing the techniques rather than simply reading about them in her book–and who better to practice the techniques with than from the author herself.

Gisella Famà: “I enjoyed the book, but LOVED the course! Trying to apply UX Strategy is always better than just reading about it”

Tobi Jo LeBron: “In a world full of fake news and fake design insights, Jaime’s UX Strategy course zeros in on the most essential discovery activities and ditches anything that’s not clear, specific, and actionable. Plus, you get a lot of 1:1 feedback directly from Jaime—not an assistant.”

Suzy Sharpe“Jaime’s class helped me get moving on my startup idea. In just six weeks, I researched my competition, conducted user research, designed a storyboard, and created an unbounce landing page. The entire process – and Jaime’s feedback in each class – was so informative and inspiring and gave me the traction I needed. I looked forward to the class every week, and miss it now that it’s over. Thanks Jaime!”

About the Masterclass Facilitator

Jaime Levy is a product strategist, author, professor, and public speaker based in Los Angeles and Berlin. Her consultancy helps business leaders and internal teams transform their product visions into innovative digital solutions that customers want. Jaime offers in-house training, conducts public/private workshops, and speaks at design and innovation conferences worldwide. 

For more than 30 years, Jaime has been a pioneer in the creation of game-changing digital products and services. She has worked for Fortune 500 companies and award-winning agencies, leading the UX on projects in the entertainment, healthcare, finance, and technology sectors.

Jaime has taught product design and strategy courses and lectured at universities including the University of Southern California, New York University, Claremont Graduate University, Royal College of Art, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, and the University of Oxford. 

You can follow her on LinkedIn or Twitter @jaimerlevy.